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Artistic Vision

Image makers who embraces the spontaneous life moments with real emotions and feelings. The camera is our back view ticket to the past where we can create a visual world of tones and colors, leaving a door open for imagination and discovery. Our inspiration comes from observing life and the people we work with, from our inner thoughts and feelings, from our parents and grandparents and by observing everyday life as it appears before us. It is a perception of emotion, laughter and tears, dreams, fears and feelings.

About Kristiaan

Kristiaan Sauter is a photographer, filmmaker and editor. Born in Belgium and grew up in an artistic family of sculptors and painters, in particular Rik Sauter and Felix Sauter. Kristiaan studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Lier, Belgium where he attended classes for etalagist, design and analog photography. Kristiaan explored the world of visual expression from childhood. First he spent ten years after his studies as an interior designer and decorator, but his passion for photography and film would never let go and he picked up the camera. Kristiaan sees himself as mainly self-taught. His visual journey started in 1998 with the launch of the same day edit video. He is best known for his journalistic approach that opens the door to subjective interpretations. His work mainly tests black and white and cinematic colors. He received recognition with the International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers ‘ISPWP’ and his work as being noticed several times in bridal magazines.