Artistic Vision & Bio

Hi There, Im an image maker who embraces the spontaneous moments of an event. The camera is my back view ticket to the past where I can create a visual world of tones and colors, leaving a door open for imagination and discovery. My inspiration comes from observing life and the people I work with, from my inner thoughts and feelings, from my parents and grandparents and by everyday life as it appears before us. It is a perception of emotion, laughter, tears, dreams, fears and feelings. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Lier, Belgium where I attended classes for design and analog photography. I explored the world of visual expression from childhood. First I spent ten years after my studies as an interior designer and decorator.

My passion for photography and film would never let go so I picked up the camera. I see myself as mainly ‘digital’ self-taught'. My visual journey started in 1998 with his launch of the same day edit video. I love the journalistic approach that opens the door to the subjective interpretation. My work mainly tests black and white and cinematic colors. Frustrated with the look of a traditional photo albums, I design photo boxes in plexiglas® as an interior object. Unlike a traditional photo album witch you store for occasional viewing, a display gives you the oportunity to change a different photograph to the front of the display to give you the everyday view. Further my work as being noticed many times in bridal magazines but I don’t think that’s the most important thing to mention!

At Cinéstudio we are passionated cinematographers known for documenting beauty and emotion with cinematic videography. We are mainly focused on same day edit’s and storytelling films. We do that by capturing the smile, the tear, the humor, spontaneous and unforced. These are real wedding reportages without bridal couples to dictate what to do. We see us as discreet hunters, creating emotive films that keeps our excitement high with every new film assignment we accept. We are never interested in capturing the ordinary but always focused on telling the story different. We create with love so that loved ones, after years still cherish their collection. Call it your visual legacy!