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Mentoring 'Day' for Photographers - Videographers

Mentoring 'Day' for Photographers - Videographers


Close and Personal - 1/1 in-person day for photographers and videographers. A tailor made day for image creators interested in photojournalism, making a same day edit and more. The image making universe is driven by story and the rhythm of an edit. It's not "only" about sharing and how we do things for the last 20 years. We are mindful of creating something meaningful for you as your body of work, all trough discussion, coaching, up to branding and webdesign with an all-in-one platform and aftercare. As visual artists we capture images as observers with an eye for the smallest details exactly as they occurred on the event. It is all about capturing the moment. We discuss your portfolio and push your creativity to a new level. A full day 7hours training about, work improving up to branding, webdesign and print service. I'm here to inspire you and develop your skills through sharing my experiences and knowledge. Moments are the most important thing we capture 'as artists' and are the most difficult to frame. It’s not only about sharing and how I do things for the last 20 years, they are tailored around your needs. It's how we communicate in our photographic or filmic language. We focus on story and mood, all through discussions, reviews, exercises and shooting time to improve your work. It's about timing and composing, licht, post-processing and the most important, help you to find your own image voice, once we've cracked the code. If you want to improve your work and business. Let’s talk about your needs and let's schedule a lunch date!



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